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Thank you for your write up of Laguna Art Museum!
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We love your blog here at the Laguna Beach Visitors Bureau. You have written some wonderful stories about Laguna Beach. We would like to feature a link to your blog on our site.
-- Anne-Marie Schiefer, Laguna Beach Visitors Bureau

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Beebe Skateboard Park, Mission Viejo


Location: Mission Viejo: inside Beebe Park, 24190 Olympiad Road
Hours: 7 a.m. to dusk
Cost: Free
For ages: Most kids skating here are around 9 to 19, but all ages like to watch!

This 9,000-square-foot, open-air, open-use (unsupervised) facility is fairly small, but its tucked-away nature makes it appealing to kids who are pretty serious about concentrating on their skateboarding, and sometimes the park is all-but-empty — a boon to kids who like to skate alone, or like plenty of room to do their thing.

It’s also a great park if there are younger siblings in the mix, because a tot lot is close by. Little ones can play on the swings with Mom or Dad while older kids can skate to their heart’s content.

The skate challenges consist of a concrete bowl, vert wall, bauer box, rails, spine, pyramid, hips, ramps, steps and bench. It attracts both beginning skaters as well as advanced, and the age range is about 9 to 19. There’s a certain code here among the boys that the clearly advanced skaters get the right-of-way, so beginners often sit out and simply watch the better skaters. When the bowls clear, the beginners take their places again.

Helmets, elbow pads (with plastic caps) and knee pads (with plastic caps) are required by the city.

A scenic grassy slope (I heard it was a croquet field?) is on one side of the bowl, and you can often find parents in lawn chairs. (There are also numerous rabbits that make the area feel especially peaceful.) There are a couple of shady trees up there. Bring a picnic and spread out your blanket for an afternoon of skate viewing. Restrooms and the tot lot are nearby.

Where to park: Enter off Olympiad. Plenty of parking in a shaded lot.
What to bring: Skateboards or in-line skates, helmet and pads, water, picnic lunch if you wish, lawn chairs
Best time to go: If you have a beginner skater, you might want to go when the older kids are in school.
For more information: City of Mission Viejo website  

Have you taken your kids to Beebe Skatepark? Do you have any fun tips to share?

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One Comment

  1. Nate

    I have been to Bebe! It is small but has lots of attractions! The more complex skaters sometime group together to make a skate show! The pyramid is cool because it blasts you off in all directions! – Nate, 10

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