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Thank you for your write up of Laguna Art Museum!
-- Marnie Farmer, Director of Communications at Laguna Art Museum

We love your blog here at the Laguna Beach Visitors Bureau. You have written some wonderful stories about Laguna Beach. We would like to feature a link to your blog on our site.
-- Anne-Marie Schiefer, Laguna Beach Visitors Bureau

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Pinecrest Park

Location: Mission Viejo: 21310 Pinecrest, near the corner of Santa Margarita Parkway and Pinecrest. It’s hard to see the park from Santa Margarita Parkway, but it’s there, below street level.
Hours: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily
Cost: Free!
For ages: All

Two things make this park one of my favorites: its unexpected wilderness trail at the north end; and its positioning below street level (seemingly in a “bowl”) that allows you to keep track of your kids with ease – they can’t run off in any direction except right past you. This is the park I always went to with moms who wanted to chat while we had multiple kids to keep track of.

To enter the park, you walk down a concrete ramp off Pinecrest (usually plenty of parking there on the street). The lower level gives the illusion of the park being set deep in a bowl, seemingly underneath the street (you can hardly see or hear the busy Santa Margarita Parkway from the park).

At the bottom of the ramp, paths expand into either direction: to the left is a paved path leading to the wilderness trail; to the right is the tot lot. There’s also a large grassy field in the center if you want to bring older children who like to play baseball or soccer.

The tot lot here is one of my favorites — as I said, because it seems “tucked away” and I never worried as much about a child escaping where I couldn’t see him. It’s nestled against pretty foliage in a crescent shape. There is a circular pavement area filled with picnic tables and benches, and cooled by willow trees. It also feels very compact and isn’t usually crowded, offering a secluded kind of peacefulness.

The wilderness trail on the other side of the park winds through oaks and sycamores. We felt like we had made a true “discovery” when we first found this trail (of course, we aren’t Lewis and Clark or anything – there were plenty of joggers and dog-walkers who had obviously found it before us!), but my kids thought we were on a big adventure, and we walked the trail for about 15 minutes inward before turning around to appease my 5-year-old, who was getting tired. The trail is generally flat and wide, though, and easy to walk, even for toddlers (though not stroller-friendly).

Where to park: Against the curb on the neighborhood street of Pinecrest Avenue; you’ll walk down a concrete ramp into the park.

What to bring: Sunscreen, water bottles, sand toys. Older kids can bring sports equipment for the large grassy area.

Best time to go: Any time

For more information: City of Mission Viejo website

 Do you and your kids like Pinecrest Park? Do you have any special tips to share?

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